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How it works

Keymitt Lock is installed from the inside on top the lock and it will rotate the key or the knob when given commands via the App. The built-in knob allows you to lock/unlock your door manually from the inside.

The device is fully autonomous and is powered by a set of batteries that will last for at least one year. You will get noticed by the device lights and via the app in case the batteries are running low.


The Keymitt Intercom Solution features an autonomous device that is placed on top of the buzzer button on any classical intercom phone. It is powered by a rechargeable battery and has a USB port for recharging. The owner can now use the App on their smartphone to remotely open the main building entrance door via this device.

Powered by MiB IoT


The Hub is a Wi-Fi bridge that connects both the lock and the intercom control to the cloud and as such makes them controllable from far away. With the Hub, BnB hosts can synchronize Keymitt with the calendar of their guests. The guests will receive the access automatically for the period that the accommodation was booked.

Powered by MiB IoT

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Our mission is to build a secure keyless entry system for households and businesses