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Keymitt Smart Access

your ultimate intelligent home access system

Keymitt Smart Lock, Wi-Fi Hub And Keymitt Push

Automatically lock/unlock the door
Remote Control 24/7
Unlock using Intercom Push
Smart Home system integrated
Unwanted Activity Detection
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Smart Integrations

Easily Integrate Keymitt with your Smart Home System - IFTTT, Google Assistant, Alexa, Apple HomeKit.

Record Entries

Use your Keymitt app to see whoever unlocked the door, no matter where you are.

Set Alarms

Add alarms with your app and Keymitt will notify you of suspicious activity detected on the door lock.

Rental Business

Keyless access and self check-in for guests via Keymitt app. Grant access to service staff remotely.

Keymitt Smart Lock And Wi-Fi Hub

Your mom came to visit and you're not home to open the door? Now you can grant access to your loved ones remotely just using your smart phone. Simple and convenient.
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Custom Door Locks

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Use Your Smartphone To Unlock

Keymitt is compatible with Andorid and iOS smartphone. Simply install, pair and you are ready to go.

Keymitt Featured Products

Keymitt Smart Lock, Wifi Hub and Push

€ 270.00 EUR
€ 228.99 EUR

Keymitt Smart Lock and Wi-Fi Hub

€ 220.00 EUR
€ 174.99 EUR

Keymitt Smart Lock

€ 160.00 EUR
€ 128.99 EUR

What Makes Keymitt Different?

Made in Germany
With the highest standards of quality and attention paid to the smallest details.
Double Battery Life
Keymitt last long after other smart locks require battery change.
Military Grade Encryption
Dual 128-bit key AES Dynamic encryption ensures the highest possible security standard

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