Keymitt Smart Lock
Keymitt Smart Lock
Keymitt Smart Lock
Keymitt Smart Lock
Keymitt Smart Lock
Keymitt Smart Lock
Keymitt Smart Lock
Keymitt Smart Lock

Keymitt Smart Lock

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Auto lock and unlock

By turning on the auto-lock/auto-unlock feature, Keymitt will recognize your phone. This will then automatically open the door when you’re approaching and lock it when you’re leaving; no need to even touch your smartphone. Say goodbye to the physical key and hello to smart device technology.

Easy and fast installation

Keymitt is a retrofit device. This means it fits over your existing door lock, no modifications needed. It’s the ultimate way to make your door knob smarter without replacing it.

Control the history of entries

Use your Keymitt app to see the list of whoever locked and unlocked your door, giving you full control over your house with ease and comfort. Through our user-friendly app you can now control your door remotely; grant access to your trusted guests all through your smartphone and control the entries.

Compatible with almost any door

Thanks to our set of versatile adapters, Keymitt is compatible with most European, North American and Japanese locks and deadbolts. The Keymitt Smart Lock is designed to be simple, convenient and easy to install for everyone, no techincal knowledge is needed.

Set alarms for unwanted activity

Use your Keymitt Built-In Alarm to get notified if Keymitt detects suspicious activity on the door lock. Keymitt - Smarter, Safer and More Convenient Lock.

Power supply

CR123A lithium batteries


Bluetooth 5.0

Compatible smartphone

iOS and Android


Dual 128-bit AES Dynamic Key Encryption (military grade encryption)

Bluetooth range

Circa 75m line of sight or 10m through walls

Delivery package
  • Keymitt Smart Lock
  • Adapter set EU/US/JP
  • 4x CR123A lithium batteries
  • 3x Elevation mounts
  • 2x 3M tapes
  • Keymitt Smart Lock manual


Easy installation


Installation on Euro cylinder door lock

Installation on North American/Japanese lock


keymitt smart lock installation steps


While Keymitt works with most of the standard locks in North America and Europe, there can be exceptions. This is why we designed Keymitt with room for adaptability. Send us measurements of your door lock knob and we will provide you 3D printable blueprints.


keymitt smart lock installation steps