June 5, 2019

Keymitt design evolution explained

Around 5.000 hours were put into taking Keymitt from a bundle of cables on a breadboard to a fine-tuned smart lock you see today.

May 18, 2019

The Key To Real Passive Income

When automation meets innovation, wonderful things are created. Using smart locks is a significant way to make your hosting life and processes easier. The convenience of not having to be physically present when you check your guests in is astounding.

April 8, 2019

Keymitt Smart Lock at CES 2019

Keymitt is in Vegas for CES2019 - woo hoo! We are excited to be bringing our smart lock solution in front of an audience of more than 180,000 people. Thanks to our friends from Naran Inc. we were able to co-exhibit and drive a lot of interest for both of us. If you didn't make it to CES 2019 check out our photo reportage from the event.

April 8, 2019

6 Reasons any Airbnb rental business needs a smart lock

Self-check-in 24x7, remote monitoring, managing more properties just through a single App, are just some of the benefits of Keymitt smart lock. Hosting has never been that easy! We put together 6 amazing benefits of the Keymitt smart lock that can help upscale any Airbnb rental business, and save host's time.

April 8, 2019

Keymitt attracts FATH Group as investor and manufacturing partner to develop an innovative key-less entry system

Keymitt S.A. won the backing of FATH Group to introduce a new key-less entry system for residential and commercial use.