Convert your door lock into a smart lock!

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  • -Automatic key-less entry
  • -- Military grade encryption
  • -- Made in Germany
  • -- Scalable architecture
  • -- Global smart lock

One secure smart lock for all


  • -Realtors
  • -- Real estate brokerage
  • -- Courier services


  • -Security
  • -- Maintenance
  • --Home care

Office Spaces

  • -Conference rooms
  • -- Co-working
  • --Co-living

Holiday Rentals

  • -Bed and breakfast
  • --Travel
  • --Hospitality

Smart lock compatibility




Keymitt Smart lock is compatible with most standard single-cylinder door locks, with knob or without knob. By default Keymitt Smart Lock fits perfectly an European door lock.

Adapters are available for door locks with knob, deadbolts, mortise or other common locks.

All your keys inside the Keymitt App

The Keymitt App is available both on Google Play and iOS App Store.

You will be able to:

  • -Monitor door lock activity
  • --Remotely grant access to guests
  • -- Unauthorized lock activity notifications
  • --Real-time battery and lock status updates
  • --Airbnb calendar integration
  • --Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Siri